4 main forms of the wood floor in today¡¯s wood flooring market place

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Aug 23, 2013-Japan-The type of the www.hardwood-floor.cn might be mostly divided into four types that are the sound wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate wood flooring and bamboo. Currently, the top wood floor producer in China which site is http://www.hardwood-floor.cn/ would let individuals know the thorough element about these types of wood flooring.

The initial sort could be the strong wood flooring. The reliable wood flooring is produced of the high quality wood and most of them would be the tongue and groove flooring. In that type of condition, the set up of this sort of wood floor manufacturer is very much easier. These days, more than half in the reliable wood is coated with paint. This is actually the finished floor. After the acquiring of this sort of floor, individuals should not care far more in regards to the course of action which include planing, sanding and painting.

The second kind will be the engineered wood flooring that’s also known as the parquet. This kind of floor is created of your solid wood material. This sort of wood floor could also be divided into 3 kinds. The 1st will be the three layers solid wood flooring which is made by three layers of various wood elements. The 2nd will be the multilayer hardwood flooring which continues to be generated by no less than 5 layers of wood elements. The final kind is definitely the newly engineered wood flooring. The surface of this kind of China wood flooring has been made by tricky wood and also the middle layer as well as bottom layer has made use of utilize the MDF or HDF. The effectiveness and durability of this type of floor will be precisely the same as the three layers wood floor.

The thirdly major variety of your wood floor ought to be the laminate flooring. The laminate flooring has become composed of three layers of materials. Nonetheless, the middle layer of this floor is produced on the high-density fiberboard which has higher functionality for defense using the affect force rather than easy to be deformed. The bottom layer of this kind of floor has the position of moisture proof. The surface of this type of floor which has become printed using the stunning patterns is covered with a decorative layer of melamine wear layer which the anti-wearing intensity is substantially higher than wood and has good flame resistance ability. The paving process for this type of wood floor is very convenient and wood saving. Nevertheless, the versatile of this sort of floor could not be greater than solid wood flooring.

The final type of wood which the websitehardwood-floor.cn that is the ideal hardwood flooring desires to introduce people would be the bamboo flooring. Within a word, the bamboo flooring is produced of your treated bamboo materials which hasn’t only the all-natural elegance of the wealthy all-natural components but also has the benefit of tough dress in. However, the bamboo floor also has the benefit of decay and earthquake proof. The bamboo floor could hugely lower the quantity of wood utilizing and it could also shield the natural environment.

From the above description, individuals should really have completely knowing about all kinds of floors. If people desire to obtain the high-quality China wood flooring, they could browse the web site hardwood-floor.cnand that is the higher popularity supplier for wood floor.

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